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A proven and experienced leader with a strong emphasis on community, leadership and action; equating to a safe and thriving community.


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Public Safety

The primary purpose of local government is to provide for the safety of its citizens. As such, my priority, as Mayor, is continued support of our local Gardner police initiatives, insuring they have the resources the Department needs, to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, we need to make the city inviting for new officers, while increasing staff retention rates. Our officers are excellent, and we should promote from within, whenever possible. Continued partnership with Johnson County Sheriff and Fire Department is equally important to the safety of our community - I will support ALL! Finally, our children are our future, as Mayor, I intend to work closely with the school board and the police department to provide our schools with adequate numbers of school resource officers.

Community Investment

The City of Gardner must be ready for accelerated development through continued investment of our utility infrastructure and community facilities, as commercial and residential growth increases. This investment supports a thriving community, of all ages and demographics. I support continued maintenance of our community’s infrastructure year over year, providing long term success for our neighborhoods.

Fiscal Stability

Anyone who has held a leadership position in the private sector knows that you must live within your means. For too long our city council has not actively requested input from the public and rubber-stamped the budgets provided to them by the administration. As Mayor, I will listen & make informed decisions and question items thoroughly to provide the greatest amount of benefit to the city while keeping the mill levy as low as possible.

Future Development

The future of Gardner is prime. When elected, as Mayor, I will work to ensure that our policies are business friendly - this includes our existing businesses. I will continue to support targeted commercial and residential growth, challenge the City Administrator and Directors, insuring sound fiscal methods are in practice, with a simple goal - a balanced investment.

A letter from Randy

Dear Friends,

My name is Randy Gregorcyk and I am running for Mayor of Gardner KS. Election Day is November 2, 2021 and the winning mayoral candidate will represent you on the Gardner City Council. My wife and I are blessed to live in this great city with our daughter, Emsley. We moved to Gardner just over 15 years ago based on the safe, family-oriented city amenities. I am a Program Development Director supporting National Facility Management company in Roseville CA and office in downtown Gardner, KS. I am an Eagle Scout ('91) and an avid sportsman who supports the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

As a "servant leader" my philosophies are guided by proven management principles with a strong emphasis in operational leadership, equating to healthier customer-facing partnerships. At the end of the day, I am a husband, father, and servant leader to our community. As a proven business leader, Eagle Scout and current Council member, I can bring civility through conservative values while serving the community as Mayor of Gardner City Council. I will support PUBLIC SAFETY, COMMUNITY INVESTMENT, FISCAL STABILITY and FUTURE DEVELOPMENT through common sense policy governance. I am asking for your support and your vote on Election Day. Together we can make a difference and position our city for pro-growth sensible opportunities.

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