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Public Safety: — The primary purpose of local government is to provide for the safety of its citizens. As such, the first priority is to support local Gardner police initiatives to make sure they have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively. Additionally, we need to make the city inviting for new officers and while increasing retention rates within the staff. I believe that our officers are excellent and we should promote from within our current staff whenever possible. Finally, our children are our future and I intend to work closely with the school board and the police department to provide our schools with adequate numbers of school resource officers.

Fiscal Stability: — Anyone who has held a leadership positions in the private sector knows that you have to live within your means. My experience has provided me with the tools to understand the city budgeting process and I promise to be a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. For too long our city council has not actively requested input from the public and rubber-stamped the budgets provided to them by the administration. I will make informed decisions and question items thoroughly to provide the greatest amount of benefit to the city while keeping the mill levy as low as possible.

Future Development: — The future of Gardner is not to be a bedroom community for Kansas City and the other cities in Johnson County. In order to provide the growth needed we need to solidify our residential growth so it will be able to sustain consistent commercial growth. Our visioning process needs to have a clear path to turning our undeveloped areas into areas of growth. I was personally offended when I discovered that the city of Gardner drove a car lot out of town after a man invested his life savings to open a business in Gardner. If I am elected, I will work to ensure that our policies are friendly to businesses. In addition to pro-growth tax policies, I believe that we need to do a better job of maintaining and upgrading the residential areas of our city.



Randy Gregorcyk

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Meet Randy

Dear Friends,

My name is Randy Gregorcyk and I am running for a Gardner City Council seat. Election Day is April 7, 2015 and the winning candidates will represent you on the Gardner City Council.

My wife and I are blessed to live in this great city with our daughter, Emsley. We moved to Gardner just over 8 years ago based for the safe, family-oriented city amenities. I am a Director of Business Operations Manager supporting facility services for several commercial properties in Johnson County. I am an Eagle Scout ('91) and an avid sportsman that supports the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. My family attends Divine Mercy Catholic Church and strives to raise our daughter with strong Christian values.

I found my way to Kansas through an athletic soccer scholarship in 1991 at Central College of McPherson. I immediately declared a major, Education, and quickly tailored my class schedule to graduate in four years. After 2 years at Central College, I accepted a full ride scholarship to Friends University in Wichita. This afforded me the opportunity to finish my Bachelor of Science in Education and put me in a position to compete in the NAIA. I graduated in 1995 and soon took a teaching position in Winfield.

As a new teacher (Physical Education, Drivers Education, Health and History), I had much to learn! In working with the youth through public education I was exposed to many challenges and wins. I soon found myself a mentor and began to couple what I had learned with education. This enabled me to be a better educator and help the students reach educational benchmarks and personal goals. That’s why I got into teaching, to help others.

I soon found a need for more education and moved to Wichita where I enrolled in the Master of School Leadership (MSL) program. This challenge was immense, daunting and filled the need for continual improvement. In addition, I took a new teaching job in Wichita and soon thereafter met my future wife. The MSL program was a cohort group of young and old education professionals which provided an enormous opportunity to learn realistic lessons of student/teacher interactions. During this time, 9/11 occurred — this rattled my personal life and reminded me of what was important — God, Country and Family. At this point, I was too old to join a military branch — I support the men and women of our Armed Services — but soon found a civilian role in support of the U.S. Navy's recruiting efforts.

In 2005, I married my wife Kara (Koch) Gregorcyk and began an incredible journey! We have been married for 9 years and lookg forward to planning our 10 year wedding anniversary. In November 2003, we adopted our daughter, Emsley. Kara and I chose Gardner because it was safe and had great City amenities to include a NEW aquatic center and Parks green space. Knowing we were going to raise a family, safety was a priority and Gardner is a safe community.

As a former Educator and Civilian U.S. Navy Coordinator, I was presented an opportunity in Facility Management; specifically, managing the Boeing manufacturing plant in Wichita. It was an opportunity I could not turn down. After learning the business and finding early success, I was promoted and found myself in my current position as a Director of Operations Manager for ISS Facility Services where I oversee a Regional operations team. I am responsible for the day-to-day operations of all client accounts in Kansas City, with a keen focus on customer satisfaction, operational development, safety and growth. Approaching 12 years of industry experience, I have advanced through all positions and levels working as a Site Manager, Area Manager, Transition Manager, Client Relations Manager and now, Director of Operations.

As a "servant leader" my philosophies are guided by proven management principles with a strong emphasis in operational leadership, equating to healthier customer-facing partnerships.

At the end of the day, I am a husband, father, and servant leader to our community. As a proven business leader and Eagle Scout, I can bring civility through conservative values while serving the community as a member of the Gardner City Council. I will support PUBLIC SAFETY, FISCAL STABILITY and FUTURE DEVELOPMENT through common sense policy governance.I am asking for your support and your vote on Election Day. Together we can make a difference and position our city for pro-growth sensible opportunities.

Gregorcyk Family


My best to you on your campaign--you are what's needed in Gardner right now, and I know you can be an extremely important part of Gardner's future!

Mike Press